Sunday, January 26, 2014

On the Shelf 1/26/14

So it turns out the restrictions placed by my PT on relevant activities such as reading, drawing, and using my computer, are more difficult to work around than I initially believed. (Matters were not helped along by the contrast MRI I had last Tuesday. You wouldn't think that would be at all debilitating would you? And yet...) I think I've got things sorted out now, so here's the lineup*:

1. Review of Battle Magic will in fact go up tomorrow. Wanted to reread a few parts but cannot find my copy. Suspect lent it to sibling three months ago and she's yet to return it. Will complete review without it.

2. Review of Maureen Johnson's The Name of the Star.

3. Either a review of Tom Pollock's The City's Son or an Annotation. This will depend partially on my mood, but mostly on my ability to type. If all goes well, perhaps you will get both. We shall see.

4. Time and injury permitting, there might be a Stacks post on one of the following topics: Science Fiction; Alternate Histories; Patricia McKillip (yes, a single author gets an entire Stacks post)

If you have strong leanings regarding which of these lists first sees the light of day (or rather, the harsh glare of a computer monitor) voice your vote in the comments.

I'm trying to get as much content out this week as possible, after last week's dearth. Reviews may end up being slightly shorter than usual as a result--I'm working with a lot of constraints here, and I assure you no one is more annoyed than me.

*Content may vary and deviate from The Plan depending on severity of medical issues and my ability to work around them.


  1. Rachel, it's Almae! I hope things will improve for you soon!

    1. Hey Almae! PT is all kinds of fun, and a trip to a surgeon for a consult is apparently in my future, but things will hopefully be looking up...eventually? Maybe then I'll be able to update as much as you do! Something to aspire to, anyway!