Wednesday, July 17, 2013

On the Shelf 7/17/13

So life, I fear, has once again gotten in the way of my blogging. Partially because my grandma is visiting, but mostly because our cable modem decided to give up the ghost and I spent the last 5 days with a guttering internet connection that was tenuous at best, and nonexistent more often than not. Couldn't run a simple Google search, let alone blog. The problem was at last rectified yesterday, and now that the internet is back, so am I.

So here's what's on the forecast for the Annotated Bibliophile:

Next up is the first Stacks rec list. The theme? Comfort reading. I could really use some right now. The post should go up sometime tomorrow, probably midday. If I finish it ahead of schedule I'll post it tonight.

The Stacks post will be followed by the long overdue review of Elantris. I hope to have it up before I vanish Saturday morning to my aunt's for the weekend, where there is no internet and no cell phone service, therefore no blogging. There will be much reading though, which translates to more reviews and brings me to my final order of business.

I need books.


My stockpile of unread books has dwindled to three, and will disappear entirely by Monday at the latest. I've employed my usual methods of hunting down new reading material (reputable blogs, stack browsing B&N and Half-Price Books, Amazon searches through known and beloved authors' bibliographies) and am, at the moment, still empty-handed.

And so I'm issuing the bibliophile's SOS: Does anyone have recommendations? Hit the comments and save me from myself--I'll find books on my own eventually, but I might go mad along the way and cause my family to "accidentally" leave me at a rest stop in the middle of nowhere this weekend.

**Update: I added too many books to the Stacks list, it's taking me much, much longer than I thought it would to blurb them all. Post will go up in the AM tomorrow (7/19)

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