Thursday, May 23, 2013

Table of Contents (Features)

Now that you’ve met the reviewer, it’s time to introduce the features you’ll find on this blog.  Let’s begin with the obvious.

Reviews: I feel that this feature is self-explanatory.  That said, I should offer some details.

1. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all books reviewed on this site were purchased by me or someone related to me who then gifted me with the book. 

2. If I have a personal relationship with an author whose book I am reviewing I will disclose that relationship in case it colors my review.

3. I will avoid discussing any plot/character information that might spoil the book.

4. I will review a mixture of recent releases and older (sometimes much older) work.  I’ve found that what I want to read often has little or nothing to do with whatever happens to be “trendy” at the moment.  I have a feeling I’m not alone there.

5. If I do not care for a novel I review I will not spew vitriol about the book or the author. This is not helpful to readers, nor does it benefit the writer.  I will discuss the work in a civil and rational manner.

6. The Second Opinion: At the foot of each review I will post links to other reviews. Having more than one reader’s take on a novel can be helpful, especially when you’re unsure if the reviewer’s tastes are in line with yours, or if one review isn’t enough to decide you.

7. Ranking: To me there are generally four kinds of books: Books I don’t care for, books I like/enjoy, books I love, and books that changed my life.  I am seldom indifferent towards books and because I never buy them without reading the first chapter, I rarely pick up novels that don’t appeal to me for full perusal and thus seldom encounter works that fall into the fifth category—books I can’t stand. I don’t think one’s enjoyment of a novel or the experience of reading can be quantified, so I shan’t be assigning numerical rankings to the books reviewed here.

Annotations (Editorials):  Both the rabid bibliophile and scholar halves of me agree that reviews are insufficient to satisfy my need to discuss and dissect novels.  To that end, I will also write editorials.  These essays might be about specific novels or they might address broader issues in literature and publishing.  
**Because it is the nature of critical essays to analyze, assume that any editorial could contain major spoilers for the books discussed therein. I will place a disclaimer listing the titles before the cut and place the main text below so as to prevent accidental spoiling. The decision to read on or not is left to you.

The Stacks: Recommendation lists comprised of books I’ve read in the past.  Most recommendation lists are sorted by genre, but I have never found this particularly helpful, even when subgenres are used. And because I am quite exceptionally mad and spend far too much time shelving my books in ways that make sense only to me, my recommendation lists will be sorted more…organically.  

The Illustrated Bibliophile: Comics that will accompany book reviews and illustrate my various adventures and misadventures in reading.

*New On the Shelf: News, forecast of upcoming reviews, comics, editorials etc. Basically miscellaneous catch-all posts that exist outside of the blog's main features.

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